MA 2412 – Die Staatsdiener (The Civil Servants)
Apropos "civil servants" – has it always been like this? Could it be, that in 1945 you could simply grease some clerks' palms to ward off being persecuted as a Nazi? Was the borderline of the Austro-Hungarian empire really inspired by coffee stains the officials in charge were too lazy to remove? Were Austrians already tortured by Empress Maria Theresa's executors who had traded their brains for rules? Where there senators in ancient Rome who missed an Emperor's assassination because they were too busy kissing his ass? Is it imaginable that the reason prehistoric hordes just needed a leader to prove that only the unobtrusive survive?
With The Civil Servants, the stars of the TV sitcom MA 2412 did no more than to move their municipal nonsense department to the large screen. That's all that was necessary. No more, no less. Because the moment the screen becomes wider and the means more extensive, there is room to clear up decisive matters, e.g. how Engelbert Breitfuss and Mike Weber found their way into the nightmarish office.
The correct answer: sheer appetite! Because the big boss, when he wasn't the big boss yet, got a taste for hot dogs at the meat counter in the super market - and for the lush salesgirl Sylvia Knackal. Thus, solely to hide her from his wife, the completely useless office was created.
Of course, by far not all secrets were told. Not until Breitfuss, Weber, Knackal and Santa Claus talk to a film team researching the origins of what has become the typical Austrian government official. So, among others, the whole truth about the European Union finally comes to light.

HS: "Because nothing in Austria reigns as sovereign as envy, the expectations of the movie based on such a successful TV sitcom as MA 2412 were blown up completely out of proportion. In turn, 'only' 300.000 visitors seemed cause to ridicule it as a 'flop'. However, before long film history will absolve us. This is definitely in the top range of Dorfer-Düringer-Sicheritz collaborations."