DOP Walter Kindler and HS do some thinking

(on the set of "Jahrhundertrevue", 1999)


HS and Alfred Dorfer discuss surgery

(on the set of "Wanted", 1999)


Michael Niavarani and HS discuss theology
(on the set of "Wanted", 1999)


DOP Walter Kindler and HS do some meditation

(on the set of "Hinterholz 8", 1997)


DOP Helmut Pirnat, HS, Eva Billisich and Reinhard Nowak do some checking

(on the set of "Poppitz", 2002)


Fifi Pissecker, Kai Wiesinger, HS, Roland Düringer and Alfred Dorfer being friendly

(on the set of "Poppitz", 2002)


HS and Roland Düringer discuss the death of a guinea pig

(on the set of "Muttertag", 1993)


HS pays a visit to Julia Stemberger, in the seventies

(on the set of "Mutig in die neuen Zeiten III", 2006)




HS checks if Lukas Resetarits, Lenny Dickson, Lothar Scherpe and Peter Herrmann are real pirates

(on the set of "Freispiel", 1995)


Nina Proll and HS, in the fifties

(on the set of "Mutig in die neuen Zeiten I", 2005)




HS tells Stephen Frears about the budgets of Austrian films





HS shows Tanay Chheda which distance to keep from magic girls

(on the set of "Lilly The Witch - The Journey To Mandolan", 2009)


Cuban revolutionaries endure being photographed with unknown film guerillero