No one is buying crucifix-kites and archangel-garlands – in the late afternoon of December 24th no vendor of devotional objects enjoys freezing among such shelf warmers in front of a church in the Alps.

Especially not as he, in fact, is the Holy Ghost (HG, called „Hage“) who was left on earth after the ascension of Christ. 2000 years later not even Hage believes that the Son Of God will return.
He devotes all of his spare time to the ultimately cool musical „Holy Spirit Megastar“, as author, composer, director and leading actor. Even on Christmas Eve he'll work at it. His housekeeper Mrs. Holacek may pester him with „Silent Night“ in Czech as much as she wants – Hage has never celebrated the birth of his supposedly best friend.

Suddenly Christl is at the door, young and vibrant as then. He proclaims that Dad will finally trigger the apocalypse on December 31th. „You're out of your minds,“ is Hage's answer, „that's when my musical opens. We're a 3some, I have the power of veto, and I'm against any doomsday.“ 
Christl ascends but soon returns. With bad news from Dad – the apocalypse will happen as planned on the basis of a two-thirds majority. No veto accepted. Hage tries to change Christl's mind. Shows him the beauties of nature and the „Beverly“, a proper bar with GoGo dancing. Evil in shape of Friedl the boss lurks there, but lovely Mona is working the pole. Christl is thrilled, wants to run over to her.
But first someone gets run over by a car. 3some turns into a road movie. Life turns two supernatural beings into philanthropists. The bible, a folksy dress, dead pigeons, bizarre customs, oil pans and resurrection become very important. Finally it all adds up to – a miracle or doomsday? 

When Christian Tramitz gave me the first draft I immediately became a fan. Making the movie turned out to be as tough as giving birth to an elephant, with suboptimal perspectives for distribution – as it is with a comedy having to be coherent to German as well as Austrian humor. I love 3some like a father loves his difficult, but intelligent child.