Gerry Schartl is a brilliant car salesman, and his private life shines just as brightly as his sales balance. Who cares that his wife Lena has been seeing a shrink for years, and his teenage daughter acts as if she were autistic. Luckily there's a holiday ahead. Two weeks in an exotic luxury resort, sandy beaches, eternal sunshine.

If only Poppitz wouldn't keep popping up in Gerry's mind… why is his junior boss whispering this name into the phone, again and again?
Poppitz can be nobody but a new man in the company. A star salesman. A German partner of the company, at worst. In any case, the junior boss seems to have betrayed his friendship with Gerry – who has based all his career moves on it.

Finally the Schartls land on the island of Cosamera. Gerry's suitcase is missing. The resort's male personnel has the hots for his daughter. The kitchen chef successfully attacks the holidaymakers' bowels. Daily fights at the pool – for lounge chairs. Plus the entire resort is full of Krauts. Not that Gerry has anything against Germany – his very own wife is from there. So he's full of sympathy.

But that Lena has to pick precisely the most arrogant one to flirt with tops it all. Suddenly Gerry knows who Poppitz is! What if the decision about his future falls right here, in Cosamera?

Poppitz reviews all visions of the nightmare – career crash, tourism terror, the end of a marriage – all inclusive.

The word Poppitz is a symbol for what you definitely should not take along on a vacation. Everything the film shows illustrates the sad reality of mass tourism. We all had to live at the same places we were filming at. It was as romantic as travelling with a circus. German and Austrian actors got along just great, and I loved being able to tell such a weird story under such exotic conditions.
Ever since 2002, the film is box office hit #2 among Austrian films in Austria.