The Mountaintop Wankers
One would never expect Frank Rensing, a run-of-the-mill crooner past his modest prime, to team up with rock guitarist Mick Praller, an unassuming, aging wannabe. But his agent Damir manages to find Frank a playback gig on the hillbilly TV show „Musikantenheimat“ plus a last minute partner – Mick.

When the two meet in the backstage area they have some 5 hours left to like and loathe each other before having to walk onstage as The Mountaintop Wankers. But the ridiculous bandname turns out to be a minor setback compared to other problems awaiting them – mishaps and defeats galore, stolen plaster casts, mischievous collegues, an ignorant showmaster etc.

This was probably the first spoof ever of the folksy-pop scene. That got me interested, plus the chance of having comedy kings Tramitz and Düringer work together for the very first time. To do a 10 part sitcom with lots of improvised dialogue and action, in the real-time mood of 24, took us on a thrilling journey to unknown TV territory.