In provincial backwaters every thespian is a star – easily recognizable by fears, airs and graces. The task: stage a colourful, entertaining show about the nation’s last 50 years in funny sketches, ranging from the political parties in general to the Hainburg Affair, Bruno Kreisky and Joschi Holaubek. The theatre manager is all for the idea, but there's a problem with the finale. He insists on a happy end. After a evening about the country's contemporary history? Pretty tough.

An old couple at an exhibition about Nazi war crimes: „It's just like them, those Reds. It’s a communist fake! I've been looking all over for you, Heinz, but you're not on any one of these fotos. Ignorant people, all of them.“

Well, a review of half a century is tough to conceive. And one has to treat his aching soul somehow or other – the director drinks, the dramaturge turns to the leading man to keep her hormones going. The manager helps himself to the blonde supporting role. The town councillor just wants to make sure that nothing political hits the stage. In between: rehearsals.

At the end everyone is satisfied with the featured profile of the Alpine republic – especially the councillor: „Congratulations! There was so much that I can hardly remember most of it. Which is very appropriate, considering it was about Austrian history.“

For me and my team it was a true challenge to say „okay, we'll do it just as it would happen in a provincial theatre, in late 1999". I'm not too crazy about slapstick. I like to be satirical and precise. Jahrhundertrevue was too hot, too controversial for TV. That's why it got late night airing and no reruns. I’m still fighting for a release on streaming platforms.