Mother's Day
A sunny morning in May. The postman rattles through the municipal housing blocks on his scooter. A first loud shout: „Asshole!“ The theme for a very special day – Mother's Day.

Edwin Neugebauer is not a flower vendor. That's why he's not making tons of money today, but losing the rest of his self-confidence. Just a moment ago he was flying high. Now Evelyn Schöbinger tells him that there won't be no more sexual encounters. At least not with him. Evelyn is doing it with a professional now. Gerry Gratzl – policeman, sexy, and his wife on vacation for two weeks. But Edwin has no clue about that. Not even about Gratzl's photo in the handbag of his very own wife.
As soon as Grandpa is in the old-age home, the Neugebauers' entire life will turn about. New furniture, new car, a mountain bike for Mischa. Problem is, Grandpa not only doesn't want to go to the home, he's determined to punish the ungrateful family. He'll secretly donate all their savings to the suffering animals worldwide. That nice Mrs. Schöbinger happens to be at the right place at the right time. She helps Grandpa with the transaction. 

A gang of young kids beat each other in the park. Criminals lurk around corners. Street musicians play punk. Mrs. Neugebauer is caught shoplifting in the drugstore.
An uproar ending traumatically – a dead polar bear, Ma's mug shot in the newspaper, a folding table with umbrella for the terrace, Evelyn suddenly showing up, embarrassment. First Mischa's guinea pig dies as Grandpa sits on it, then Grandpa stabs the surprise guest with the BBQ spit. Accidentally, for sure. But Mother's Day is really messed up now. Or is it?

My directing debut, and the first Austrian film which made witless critics fear that stand-up comedy might conquer arthouse films' territory. And it almost didn't get made. The film funding agencies fought Mother's Day bravely, for years. I didn't give up. Finally they decided to grant the project a little money – in order to get rid of the bothersome no-names, forever. The rest is history, the film is cult, and has become an obligatory part of the yearly ritual of the same name.